#case – Schüfi – entrepreneurship in German education!

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Our German partner Comparative Research Network Ev presented us with a case combining entrepreneurship and education. Discover the latest case study in the Better Cooperate project.In formal education, Germany integrates innovative concepts such as ‘Schülerfirmen’ (student companies) into the curriculum. SchüfiSchülerfirmen, or Schüfi for short, allow skills such as teamwork, planning and entrepreneurship to be […]

Research report summary

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Research study in the field of social entrepreneurship educational practises in different countries in Europe. The final product of the research carried out in WP3 is this research report: SocialEntrepreneurship in formal and non-formal education on the example of selected Europeancountries. The research in Work Package 3, will be the basis for the development of […]

Better Cooperate – 2nd transnational partners’ meeting

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The second project partner meeting is behind us. The event was hosted by Italian partner EXEO Lab srl and the project team met in Potenza on 27-28 May this year. The meeting was divided into two parts. During the first, which was directly dedicated to project management, the partners discussed the current schedule, the tasks […]

Research report summary: Social entrepreneurship in formal and informal education.

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We have prepared, as part of our project, a summary report of the research carried out in several countries. The aim of the survey was to find out what activities in the field of social entrepreneurship education are being implemented. This is a source of inspiration for our further activities, especially the creation of an […]

Case studies: Social entrepreneurship in secondary schools in Serbia.

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Serbian partner Open University Subotica Ltd prepared a case study on a polytechnic programme for social entrepreneurship education in secondary schools. The programme in question was developed as part of an international project with the support of the Ministry of Serbia. The Regional Agency for European Development and Integration in Belgrade, in a broad consortium […]

Case studies: social economy education programme.

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We present the third of the case studies prepared as part of the Better Cooperate Project. This time an example of activities from Italy prepared for us by one of the Partners: Exeo Lab. The University of Bologna in Italy has developed an educational programme in the field of social economy as part of the […]

Case studies: Colegio San Agustín educational cooperative

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We present another example of good practice developed by the Better Cooperate project partners. This time we invite you to Spain, Murcia to be precise. There, the educational cooperative Colegio San Agustin operates and has created the CONNECTCORE CSA initiative. WHAT IS IT?CONNECTCORE CSA – a self-employment platform for students in the form of a […]

“The Aware Youth Club” – a case from Poland

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The Aware Youth Club (PL: “Klub Świadomej Młodzieży – KŚM”) at the Autism Team Foundation was established to bring together young people on the autism spectrum and enable them to act on issues that are important to themselves and their community.It is an initiative developed in a project by one of our project partners, the […]

Student cooperative fair – a case from Spain

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UcoeRM, one of the Partners of our Better Cooperate Project, (Unión de Cooperativas de Enseñanza de la Región de Murcia / Związek Spółdzielni Nauczycielskich Regionu Murcji) is the organizer of a cyclical event for students active in the field of cooperatives. The 5th Fair and Exhibition of student cooperatives (school cooperatives) took place on March […]

New Energy: Better_Cooperate – Welcome to the conference

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Our Partners

Several days dedicated to education, social entrepreneurship and the social economy are behind us. All thanks to two projects we are implementing – New Energy and Better_Cooperate. The results of the first of these were presented yesterday in celebratory circumstances – see our coverage. On Tuesday 22 November, the New Energy project conference was held. […]