We have prepared, as part of our project, a summary report of the research carried out in several countries. The aim of the survey was to find out what activities in the field of social entrepreneurship education are being implemented. This is a source of inspiration for our further activities, especially the creation of an educational programme, which is one of the products planned in the project.

Together with all Better Cooperate project partners, Exeo Lab from Italy, Open University Subotica Ltd. From Serbia, Changemaker Education from Sweden, Comparative Research Network Ev from Germany, UCOMUR from Spain and the team of the Association for Social Cooperatives (project leader) from Poland, we analysed what and how in the field of social entrepreneurship education is implemented in the partner organisations’ countries.

As part of the work on the report: Working Better Together. Social Entrepreneurship in Formal and Informal Education produced:

Our project combines social entrepreneurship with education to create interesting and inspiring solutions for students, teachers, educators and all those involved in activities at the borderline of these two worlds from the combination of these two areas.

In the BC project we are working on developing the following materials:
1) An educational programme on social entrepreneurship, including lesson plans;
2) An educational package, including, among others, MOOC courses, an online game, a board game and a knowledge base knowledge base on student entrepreneurship;
3) A new student cooperative model and best practice guide – the The project will also set up at least six new initiatives youth initiatives combining entrepreneurial and social objectives.

This is coming soon, now in front of you a report with inspiring examples. See together with us what Social Entrepreneurship in formal and informal education in Europe looks like.

Raport, wersja PL: BC_research_studies_summary_PL

Raport, wersja ENG: BC_research_studies_summary_ENG_final