Student cooperative fair – a case from Spain

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UcoeRM, one of the Partners of our Better Cooperate Project, (Unión de Cooperativas de Enseñanza de la Región de Murcia / Związek Spółdzielni Nauczycielskich Regionu Murcji) is the organizer of a cyclical event for students active in the field of cooperatives. The 5th Fair and Exhibition of student cooperatives (school cooperatives) took place on March […]

New Energy: Better_Cooperate – Welcome to the conference

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Our Partners

Several days dedicated to education, social entrepreneurship and the social economy are behind us. All thanks to two projects we are implementing – New Energy and Better_Cooperate. The results of the first of these were presented yesterday in celebratory circumstances – see our coverage. On Tuesday 22 November, the New Energy project conference was held. […]